Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tonsil Stones, Tonsilloliths Removal Methods

by Josh Katherman
(Williamsport, PA - USA)
I'm writing an article on methods of tonsil stone removal! Some have worked for me fairly well, some haven't but nevertheless I'm covering all of the popular methods of removal.

  • Q-Tip apply pressure to the tonsil area, working from bottom to top. This pushes the tonsil stones out of the tonsil crypts. Be careful of your gag reflex though, at first it's usually hard to use any instrument in the back of your throat. Though over time it becomes easier as your mouth gets use to you touching where it's not usually touched.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract is, in general, an awesome antibacterial substance. It also does wonders on keeping fresh breath, as well as tonsil stones prevention!

    Here's the official bad breath review of grapefruit seed extract here at the Grapefruit Seed Extract Review. Try it and give your own feedback!
  • Gargling with Salt-Water. This method hasn't worked specifically well for me, but I bet with combination of removal then garling with salt water I bet it can help with reduction, or help ease removal if used before
  • Water-Pik. I've had a bad experience with this one. I bought some random cheap one on amazon and tried it on the "low" setting to shoot water either in the crypt or to shoot it at the tonsil tissue to push tonsil stones out. First time I tried it I almost drown myself (there's some things you really just shouldn't admit) and ended up with a bloody tonsil! But reports from users say that water piks work great for them! It's definitely worth a shot anyways.
  • Bobby Pin bent to dig tonsil stone out. Well, I really wouldn't recommend this hehe. You could try it but there's a good chance you might end up with an infected tonsil from stabbed it to death.

    This would only work good if you have a real big tonsil stone sticking half way out of your crypt. (still no recommended!)
  • Change of Diet can do wonders for reduction of tonsil stone occurrence! A reduction on protein-rich foods, sugars, highly acidic drinks, alcohol, and softdrinks can all help reduce or sometimes eliminate tonsil stone growth.

    This concludes my general list of ways to effectively removal tonsil stones, otherwise known as tonsilloliths or tonsilliths (tonsillolith is the correct name by the way). By far the best prevention method I've tested out so far is grapefruit seed extract.

    I've just had completely amazing results, absolute fresh breath at all times and it's so cheap and readily available that it's something you just have to try!

    Take care of yourselves,

    - Josh Katherman

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