Friday, June 1, 2012

Does the No-No Hair Removal System really work?

by:Lauren Fritz-Gerald 

For some years now many people have been looking for a solution to permanent hair removal that really works for them. There are many systems out there with some working better than others. The No No Hair removal product is not a well known product to most people but it has been quietly growing in popularity for sometime now. Today thousands upon thousands of people have used it to rid themselves of unwanted body hair. 

 Leading researchers in permanent hair removal have now begun to take a look at the No No and see what makes it work so well. Now it's time to answer the question is the No No as good as all the hype that has been flooding forums and blogs alike?

I personally have been using this permanent hair removal system for 6 months now and it has given me a great solution to a problem that has plagued many people. Where can I find a product that offers me a pain-free almost permanent hair removal system that is affordable by the masses? For half of my trial period I began treating myself 3-4 times a week. Following this I was able to reduce the amount of treatments and just use it for maintenance to keep the hair at bay. By the time I began the 5th month I was able to completely cease all treatment which was absolutely amazing. 

The persistence had paid off without a doubt and I ceased treatment to see how long it would take for hair growth to resume This is the great news; a month passed without any routine maintenance for my permanent hair removal. I had not had any hair re-growth during this time. After the hair began to grow back I noticed that the hype was true. The returning hair was a lot finer than before. Now all I had to do was a quick routine with the No No and the hair was completely removed again. 

The reason this behind this is due to the No No's innovative technology. This permanent hair removal innovation all comes down to one amazing thing - Thermicon Technology. Laser treatment works by targeting the melanin within the hair follicle. This basically means that people of all skin types, from sensitive to oily, are able to use this without fear of hurting their skin in anyway. 

This means this is the first permanent hair removal product that can be used by absolutely everyone! This gives you the ability to use a professional hair removal system available in your own home - without the cost of laser. This isn't just a short term solution to hair removal after you have reached the maintenance period you can go days or weeks without having to worry about hair removal. When of course the inevitable happens and your hair begins to return, all you have to do is do a quick run with the No No and that is it. With the No No's retreatment time taking less than 10 minutes it easily blows all other permanent hair removal products out of the water. The greatest thing about this permanent hair removal system you will only need to do this quick retreatment process once a month. 

For what is the essentially a small price to pay, not to mention the risk-free trial if you are not happy with the product, you cannot go wrong and you will be left with a permanent hair removal system that works for a long time to come.

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  1. These products do work but you have to be careful when choosing them, if you have sensitive skin first test it before.